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 Center for Technical Study

Available Disciplines - Ministry Science
                                     Technical Studies

The Center for Technical Studies addresses the concerns facing those called to Teach or Technically Train the Body of Christ. Provides a basis of support and fellowship with like-minded individuals and groups with similar challenges.

Provides greater utilization and identification of those assigned to this important aspect of Ministry Development Training.

Many people do not know the awesome responsibility of this position and its unique design. Without this position in our Government, we would not survive. Learning basic technique is an acronym we simply cannot be without.

Teaching is exciting, though it may not be the most coveted position, it is the most rewarding. Teaching impacts the body and individuals greatly, by sharpening skills and imparting new technics and strategies that an be eternal.

Everyone remembers their favorite Teacher. A Teacher is endeared because through teaching you are introduced to understanding without which the Word of God could not be understood.

That is why the Holy Spirit is here with us today and is so important to our lives. HE is the ultimate teacher of us all. We cannot learn or receive knowledge that brings us closer to GOD without the Holy Spirit as our Teacher.

To desire and function in this position is a good thing. A Teacher can impact the lives of believers as no other. Do you find joy in seeing someone understand? Covet the best gift - desire to Teach.

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