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Center for Evangelistic Study
Available Disciplines - Ministry Science
                                          Evangelistic Studies

The Center for Evangelistic Studies addresses the concerns facing those called to express their gifts as an Evangelist within the Body of Christ.

Providing a basis for support and fellowship with like-minded individuals and groups with similar challenges. Provides a sobering look at true Evangelism and how to be more effective therein.

The day of the Evangelist has changed over the last decade. The position has been, and is still being totally redefined.

Every ministry today has embraced Evangelistic Ministry in some form. It is the primary method under which the Church of Jesus Christ began. The position involves encountering the Holy Spirit in such a grand way. Such terms as "market place minister", are gaining acceptance and will eventually involve every believer in some way.

Be it on a job, in a café, or running a business. We all spend more time in the marketplace than any other place. It is where Jesus Himself stirred the hearts of many.

Gone are the days when the Evangelist was known as the minster from "out of town".

Evangelism now takes center stage in oversight and insight. In oversight, by developing a good relationship with other ministers and churches. In insight as to how each church to which you are invited functions and how you may bring something complimentary to that vision.

No matter what the calling may be, our mandate must be to maintain the bonds of unity established within any fellowship and not to destroy them.

The "I'm just the messenger" is not a Godly approach and must be removed from our thinking. You cannot speak into the lives of people and take no responsibility for what you say.

We are responsible for every word spoken, it is a trick of the wicked one to think we are not. Evangelist must be extremely careful.

Largely in part because their personality is usually very charismatic and people are drawn to them. If you believe this is your position of destiny, then, in all thy getting get understanding that Evangelism is all about God’s concern for people.

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