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Center for Prophetic Study

Available Disciplines - Ministry Science
                                     Prophetic Studies

The Center for Prophetic Studies, addresses the concerns of those who believe they are called to express their gifts Prophetically within the Body of Christ. To provide a foundational base of support and fellowship with like-minded individuals and groups with similar challenges. To broaden awareness of the many facets of Prophetic Governing in the 21st Century.

The Center’s primary goal is to cultivate a more conscientious method of practice and unique responsibility associated with Prophets and their Prophetic utterances.

The position of Prophet is one of major responsibility. Anyone who believes they have been called to this position, must be fully persuaded, by the Holy Spirit, that this is your position of destiny. Every person on this earth has prophetic insight, without such, you could not respond to the Holy Spirit. This does not mean that every person on earth is a Prophet.

Just because you saw your grandmother in a dream and what she told you happened when you woke up, does not mean you are a Prophet. Neither does dreaming the next day's lottery numbers.

Prophetic skill includes knowing, what is of God and what is not. Talking to dead people is not of God and in no way is God attached to the world system, so the lottery dreams are also a no no.

In this position, you have to be responsible for what you say because it could forever change the course of someone’s life.

The amount of sensationalism and hype created over this position, has placed those called to it into a world full of individuals who desire familiarity with the Prophet more than with God. Thus, persons called to this position have the added responsibility of being concerned and careful to educate others about the position where possible.

Those who understand this position, know that a Prophet is a Prophet 24/7, while prophetic people are "on and off". A true seasoned Prophet, can see through your life, even during casual encounters and they have been given access into the depths of spiritual awareness.

True Prophets must often deliver prophetic utterances that may at times be difficult to accept, but are nonetheless from God. They are not slot machines here to dispense cars, money and houses, charging you enormous fees to hear from your Heavenly Father.

Prophets have relationships with God and desire to be with Him more than with man. The more "seasoned" the Prophet is, the better it will be for the people.

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