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 Center for Progressive Study
Available Disciplines - Ministry Science
                                     Progressive Studies

The Center for Progressive Studies addresses the concerns of those who believe they are called, but are just not sure about their placement within the Body of Christ.

Provides a basis of support and fellowship with like-minded individuals and groups with similar challenges.

Do you love the Lord with all your heart, but you are not sure where you "fit’. The programs the programs that are presented here are designed to assist you in finding your "niche". Once you begin this program, you will be surprised at how quickly you will learn your purpose.

Progressive Track has been signed solely for the purpose of finding your place in God.  While many people easily have found their "niche", many others have not.

The Progresssive Track is exploratory and gives participants the opportunity to conclude and find their place within the Kingdom of God.

Interwoven within the Progressive Track is the "Believer Priest" Track and the "Certification Track".

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