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Center for Pastoral Study & Care

Available Disciplines - Ministry Science
                                     Pastoral Studies

The Center for Pastoral Studies addresses the concerns facing those called to express their gifts Pastorally within the Body of Christ. Provide a basis of support and fellowship with like-minded individuals and groups with similar challenges. Provides a more panoramic view of this often misunderstood position in the Body of Christ, helping to reduce parsonage abuse.

If you believe that your calling is in any Pastoral capacity, compassion and shepherd*s heart will surely be the determining factor. That is why it is of great importance that you understand the task set before you. It is being responsible for someone other than yourself. It is keeping others safe and away from the "wolves" of life.

Pastors have carried the major "weight" of ministry for ages. As a result, we have instituted a "Pastoral Care" requirement as part of the curriculum for those who are going on to shepherd a congregation or desire to serve in a pastoral care capacity. Examine your own self through the eyes of the Holy Spirit, allow him to determine for you if this is truly your position of Destiny.

Center for Pastoral Study - Pastoral Care Component

Under the direction of the Holy Spirit, the Center for Pastoral Study - Pastoral Care Component (PCT) is an on-going ministry training module unto itself. It is designed specifically to support the needs of Pastors as well as those who are assigned to positions of Pastoral Care.

This module is not designed to enhance any personal religious or traditional conviction, but to help participants understand from a "Kingdom Prospective" how to walk in the Pastoral Anointing with Power (understanding).

Persons assigned to the Pastoral Care Track may include, Pastors, Youth Pastors, Intercessors, Armor Bearers, Worship Leaders, Musicians, persons who work in Church Administration or any ministry with direct impact upon the growth of a Body of Believers.

Many people do not understand the purpose of Pastors or Pastoral Care and have laid the burden for the successful outcome of the ministry, heavily upon the shoulders of the Pastor alone. No one is an Island, God expects team commitment from HIS ministers and churches worldwide.

The lack of team commitment in Pastoral matters has produced spiritual burnout for many Pastors. The Pastoral position was never meant to be handled by one person only, but as a conglomerate of anointed vessels working together towards a common goal.

A goal that will make up total Pastoral Care within any Body of Believers.

Entering the Pastoral Care Track is not automatic, recommendation must come from other sources.

If you are actively joined to a Ministry, recommendation must come from the Leaders of that Ministry. In most cases the end result of completing the Pastoral Care Track will be that you will Pastor a Church or assist another Pastor as God directs.

Our job is only to develop the call of God upon your life. Not to determine how you will fulfill it. The Pastoral Care Component (PCT) is only for those who are "fully persuaded" in God and unwavering in their commitment to the Church of Jesus Christ.

Pre-requisites are generally required, including a one on one interview prior to acceptance. Additional fees may be required.

Completion Requirements

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