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Center for Apostolic Study

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The Center for Apostolic Study, addresses the concerns of those who believe they are called to express their gifts Apostolically within the Body of Christ. To provide a foundational basis of support and fellowship with like-minded individuals and groups fielding similar challenges. To educate and heighten awareness of the many facets of Apostolic Governing in the 21st Century.

The position of Apostle is unique, with duties & responsibilities that can vary greatly. Many people may not be aware that they are Apostolic by nature. Apostles build, establish and bring structure where there is none. They are excellent administrators and planners. An excellent example of this position can be found in the book of Nehemiah.

Often, Apostles are considered the "leaders", because they were mentioned first. This is not their reason for receiving first mention. Apostles were mentioned first because of their ability to plan and implement policy and procedure. Apostles are spiritual problem solvers. They are administrators who can set in motion any God ordained plan with ease.

You can find those who are called to apostolic positions functioning in homes, churches and even in businesses worldwide. A good example of a type of secular apostle would be Donald Trump.

In the church however, this position is aspired to more than any other, and is also abused more than any other.

Contrary to popular opinion, Apostles are here to serve. Jesus said it this way, "if anyone wants to be greatest in the Kingdom, let him first become a servant to all". Selah.

There is nothing about any position in the Church of Jesus Christ that can be ground in stone. The dynamics found within the Apostleship are enormous. It would be like attempting to place the GODHEAD in a box. Apostles should serve within the Body of Christ in the Spirit of meekness, humility and integrity.

Apostles should be experts at intercession. A big problem in the Church is that Apostles do not recognize the need to be at the head of Intercession. Apostles must display like characteristics of Christ, "who ever liveth to make intercession".

They should never lose sight of the primary purpose for being placed in the position; and that is to serve the Body of Christ in the same manner that Jesus served the Apostolic Ministry during His tenure on Earth.

If you believe you should be served only, this not the position for you. This position also comes with intense warfare, therefore you must have a life of prayer and communion with God. You cannot function here on your wits.

Biblically, Apostles were often slaughtered, maimed or held in contempt by the very ones that they came to assist. If you believe you are called to this position by God, you are advised to proceed with caution and gain understanding as you progress. - FREE Search Engine Submission
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